If I were starting my genealogy over again today, what and how would I do it.  Here are ten things I would do immediately, when starting my family tree.Continue Reading


Learn all about how and why you should look to witnesses and informants when doing your genealogy research.  It’s in the details, including witnesses and informants that can provide valuable clues to help you expand your family tree.Continue Reading

The replay of the live show on 6-30-22 is now available. Learn the process of solving genealogical problems in this live YouTube video. Get the 7 page HANDOUT. See below for details in the section called 3 Ways to Get the Handout. 3 WAYS to get the HANDOUTS! 1) Become aContinue Reading

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Genealogy TV Academy is on sale now through July 5th! Use the Promo Code “GTVA40” to get 40% off of your membership. Don’t miss out! LEARN MORE about the Genealogy TV Academy https://genealogytv.org/about-genealogy-tv-academy/Continue Reading

Learn how to use Excel for Genealogy. This episode shows how to use Excel and some tricks to using it for genealogy. Here I show how to edit, color, move, delete, insert cells, rows, columns and more. Learn different reasons to use Excel for family history, like outlining DNA matches,Continue Reading

Take a deeper dive into Y-DNA with genetic genealogist Diahan Southard. She has made it her life’s mission to be the expert in understanding how DNA can help us with our family history research. Diahan really knows her stuff, you won’t want to miss this one. In this episode, DiahanContinue Reading

This episode is an interview with Crista Cowan of Ancestry.com. She is answering your questions about the 1950 Census, the new scanning feature on the mobile app, AncestryDNA’s ThruLines®, Ancestry Ethnicity Estimates and the new SideView® technology, how to print your family tree on Ancestry, the new handwriting recognition technology,Continue Reading

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Learn about Ancestry’s ThruLines, what it is, how to use it, and how you can evaluate the potential ancestors that are showing up based on your DNA cousin matches as well as other member trees. We’re also using the Evaluate button to help us import new ancestors into our familyContinue Reading

Learn where to find old maps to help with your family history research. Genealogy and telling the story of your family tree takes on a whole new view when you add old maps to help understand where your ancestors lived.  Finding old maps is truly a treasure hunt, is fun,Continue Reading

Genealogy TV U.S. State Archves

Learn about the U.S. State Archives Digital Collections that are available for free genealogy research online. This episode has tips for genealogists researching the state archives in the areas you are researching. The best part about state archives is you can research your family history for free on their websites.Continue Reading