Helping You Go Further, Faster, and Factually With Your Family Research!


Genealogy TV was founded in early 2018 as a way to bring free genealogy research tutorials via the Genealogy TV YouTube channel.

Since its inception founder, Connie Knox, has gone on to create the Genealogy TV Academy to enable a closer relationship with students and facilitate family history education through skill based lessons.

There are hundreds of videos to see on the Genealogy TV YouTube channel. Make sure to see the playlists that categorizes videos by subjects.

Below is a list of the original series, but now everything falls under one show title on the YouTube channel, “In Search of Your Family Tree with Constance Knox.”

Learn Genealogy
If you are new to genealogy check out our Learn Genealogy series. It is geared toward beginners and slowly progresses through the family research process. ?WATCH

Tiny Tip Tuesdays
Get short and sweet tips to help you go further faster. These upload to our YouTube channel on the first and third Tuesday each month. ?WATCH

Learn from interviews with a breadth of experts on a variety of topics. It’s called “footnotes” because it’s in the footnotes where the real sources are. These upload on Friday mornings, when available. ?WATCH

Photo Fix Friday
In this photo restoration series, we work with older photos using Photoshop and other tools. These videos can be helpful to both beginners and experienced Photoshop users. These upload on Friday mornings when available. ?WATCH

Connie’s a Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Did you know Connie is a wildlife photographer. You can see her work here.