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What Inspired You to Start This Journey?

So, what brought you here?  What is it that you’re curious about?  For some it’s finding their biological parents.  For others, it might be the desire to learn more about a grandparent.  For others it might be to prove or disprove family lore. Whatever it is that brought you here, you’re in the right place to learn how to get started in genealogy.

Under the Genealogy TV brand I’m…

“Here to help you go further, faster, and factually with your family research.” – Connie Knox – A Lifelong Genealogist

What is Genealogy TV? Well primarily it’s a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on a variety of family history subjects and at various levels of experience. On the YouTube channel the videos are designed to educate you about how to navigate the online resources, research strategies for best results, and how to put it all together to tell your family history.

Genealogy TV also has this website where you’ll find everything from links to some of the individual videos, video playlists organized by subject, the blog post for each video with the show notes for each, and much more. Feel free to explore the website.

You’ll also find coaching help available HERE. For a modest fee you can join the online Zoom meetings where we can see and talk with each other about your research questions. I call this group the Genealogy TV Insiders.

Where to start with your family research? Here are a list of helpful videos from the YouTube channel, to help you get started.

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These videos above are just the beginning. There are hundreds of videos at the Genealogy TV channel.

For more videos like these, go to YouTube.com/Genealogy TV