Freedmen's Bureau Records on Ancestry

EXTRA EXTRA – NEW TODAY! Ancestry has announced the addition of the Freedmen’s Bureau and Freedman Bank Records available for free!  This is 3.5 million records that is a huge benefit for those researching their African American and poor or indigent white ancestors in the post Civil War era.  TheContinue Reading

What day is today? It’s TINY TIP TUESDAY! Did you know that the hints on Ancestry are not all the records available there? In this Tiny Tip Tuesday episode, I’ll show you how to find all the records available for your ancestors on Reading

Learn how you can add video to an ancestors profile on Preserving film and video in your family tree is important. There are several tricks I’ll show you so you can share your family’s videos with others to help preserve those videos and old films for future generations. EveryoneContinue Reading has hints and clues all over their platform. Some are obvious and others are not.  In this episode I’m revealing 20 hints and clues that you may have overlooked.  This is everything from the obvious leafy hints to finding potential ancestors. 📃 There is a HANDOUT for INFO ACCESSContinue Reading

NEW TODAY! Ancestry has several new mobile app updates to both their family tree app and the AncestryDNA app as well as two new widgets called Events and Discovery.  Some updates and widgets have already been released, some are coming soon.  Continue Reading