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Below are the HANDOUTS that match the Genealogy TV videos on YouTube that were produced after June 20th, 2020. They are available for individual purchase below and will redirect you to download them immediately. You should also get an email with the same download links.

Handouts prior to June 20th, 2020 (if produced), links for them may be found in the description box below the video on the YouTube channel.  

These handouts are also available for Genealogy TV Information Access Channel Members on the YouTube channel. If you are already an INFORMATION ACCESS LEVEL CHANNEL MEMBERS (you signed up on YouTube), then YOU ALREADY HAVE ACCESS TO THE HANDOUTS AS PART OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND TO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE THEM AGAIN. Find the handouts in the Community Tab on the YouTube channel. You’ll need to scroll through the posts to find the handout you want.

As Genealogy TV Information Access Channel Member (on the YouTube channel), you can get all the handouts with your monthly subscription of $9.99 per month. To join the Information Access Level Channel Membership, GO HERE. You will need a Google account to join the channel membership. For those who don’t want to join, purchasing handouts from this page may be a better option for you.


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