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How do you connect a Floating tree to your main tree on (A viewer asked). In this episode, I’ll demonstrate how to use floating trees, branches, or floating ancestors which can be a huge advantage when researching your family history.  This genealogy tutorial answers the questions… What is aContinue Reading


When I first started out in genealogy, I wanted a genealogy records checklist. I guess I’m a checklist kind of person. So here I’ve created a list of types of records to look for when researching each ancestor. This is a “suggested” list of what to look for, not necessarilyContinue Reading

Genealogy TV

Here is a 12 step process, a checklist, you can follow for each ancestor you are researching in a methodical order. This will help ensure you have looked everywhere you can and properly documented your process as you go.Continue Reading

There are lots of gems to find on eBay for Genealogy. In this video is an interview with Scott Fisher from the Extreme Genes podcast who has been finding all kinds of family history records and great finds on eBay. You can find family bibles, documents, letters, yearbooks, and manyContinue Reading

Genealogy TV

In this 300th Episode we’re celebrating with a contest and learning about how you can find other records to substitute what was lost in the 1890 U.S. Census. Enter to win a free subscription to and the Genealogy TV Academy. HOW TO ENTER and RULES FOR THE 300th EpisodeContinue Reading

Floating Trees How and Why

Learn how and why you should use the Floating Trees on This is one of the best genealogy strategies. It will help you further your family history research with this powerful trick to help connect your FAN Club (Friends Associates and Neighbors) along with other suspected family members, DNAContinue Reading

GTV Extract Census - Ancestry and Excel

Learn how to use MS Excel to extract your ancestors in the U.S. Census to help find other family members living around your target ancestor. Even if you have never used Excel before, this is a step-by-step guide to how to import census data into Excel so you can filterContinue Reading

Do you have mistakes in your tree? Are you thinking about giving up and starting your tree all over again?  Before you do, watch this video all the way through to avoid a time consuming mistake. Follow these step-by-step instructions to verify your family tree, instead of starting all overContinue Reading