Rootstech London on Genealogy TV

Rootstech London has just released the course and information you’ll want to know even if you’re not going to Rootstech, because there are virtual passes available. Either way, you’ll want to see this video first before you buy your passes, because Genealogy TV viewers can get a discount on anyContinue Reading

Whether you’re an Ancestry subscriber or not, here are 10 Free Things to Do On Using Ancestry’s own document, I follow their “10 Free Items you can do on Ancestry” without a paid subscription, including building a family tree totally for free. Also some tricks that even this experiencedContinue Reading

Genealogy TV LIVE

Had a great time on our first live stream. Here are the “Show Notes” from this GTV Live Research Questions episode. Welcome to Genealogy TV’s first live stream. In this episode we’re talking about good research questions, current family history news, celebrating some new things happening at Genealogy TV, aContinue Reading

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy SLIG

Would you like to take your family history education to the next level? Learn about how you can take your genealogy skills to the next level at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy.  I created this video to bring awareness to the Genealogy TV audience as another educational opportunity.  ThisContinue Reading

New Genealogy TV Website

Welcome to the new Genealogy TV website, I’m so glad you’re here. My goal is to make Genealogy TV the best free genealogy and educational resource available, presented primarily through video and blog posts. I launched the Genealogy TV YouTube channel on August 22nd, 2018 and it’s growing like aContinue Reading

Vital Events and Records Right from the beginning of your genealogical journey, you’re going to want to start collecting documents surrounding vital events. These are typically birth, marriage, death, and divorce records. As mentioned before, start backwards. Look for an ancestor’s death certificate (or information) before seeking marriage and birth certificates.Continue Reading

This is my favorite video gear for shooting family events, interviews and reunions. Connie’s Favorite Gear for Interviewing Depending on the situation I will typically use the least amount of gear, but might grab any or all of these. Tripods Affordable Tripod Small tripod with cell phone grip  Make sureContinue Reading