Here is “Your Question Answered, Part 2: How & Why You Should Keep Good RESEARCH NOTES, PLANS & LOGS!” In this video I answer another viewer question from the video “How to Add Friends, Associates, & Neighbors to” This video is specifically about Research Notes/Logs/Plans and how to stayContinue Reading

Your-Questions-Answered-Nov-2019-Part-One about

In this video you’ll learn tips about how to add notes, comments, web links, cM Centimorgans or emoji’s to suffix box, keep track of other member trees, use Member Connect, keep track of DNA cousins, what is a “Quick and Dirty Tree,” and add stories on *** VIDEO LINKSContinue Reading

About AncestryHealth

New for November 2019 Learn about AncestryHealth® with’s new service launched last month where they’re testing your DNA samples for genetic health variants. In this video you can learn about Ancestry’s two new “AncestryHealth” services. One is called AncestryHealth Core™ and the other is AncestryHealth Plus™. AncestryHealth® provides reportsContinue Reading

FamilyTreeDNA: Mitochondrial DNA Test (The Maternal Line) Part 3 of 3 - Genetic Genealogy

In this FamilyTreeDNA: Mitochondrial DNA Test (The Maternal Line) Part 3 of 3 – Genetic Genealogy the mothers line or Mitochondrial mtDNA) tests and website is discussed. FamilyTreeDNA’s Mitochondrial DNA test (at can be another opportunity for researching your family history by tracing the maternal line. This three partContinue Reading

FamilyTreeDNA: Y-DNA Test (The Father's Line) Part 2 of 3 - Genetic Genealogy 2019

FamilyTreeDNA ( can be another great service for researching your family history by using their Family Finder, Y-DNA, Mitochondrial DNA services. This is a three part series. In this (part two) episode, it is all about Y-DNA (the father’s line) a service at FamilyTreeDNA. Part One covered an overview ofContinue Reading