FAQ for Genealogy TV

Where can I find the Handouts for “Info Access” Channel Members?


📝 1) Become a CHANNEL MEMBER at the INFO ACCESS level $9.99 per month. This gets you all the handouts. https://www.youtube.com/genealogytv/join.
As a Channel Member, find the handouts by scrolling through the blog posts on the Community tab at https://www.youtube.com/GenealogyTV/Community.

📝 2) All handouts can be PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY ($5 and up) at https://genealogytv.org/handouts/. Here you will get a redirect and an email to download the handouts.

📝 3) Become a monthly PATRON at the HAPPY DANCE level ($15/Month) or more. You will get early release of the videos and the handouts are emailed to you, when they become available. https://www.patreon.com/GenealogyTV

What is Genealogy TV?

Genealogy TV is a YouTube channel and a business.  Genealogy TV is owned by Constance Knox and has been in business since 2016 and the YouTube channel was launched in 2018.  

Genealogy TV has hundreds of free videos for you to learn how to research your family history.  As a business, Genealogy TV also has private and group coaching as well as YouTube Channel Memberships and people who just want to support the educational effort.

Does Genealogy TV have a Facebook page?

Why yes it does.  Go here to find Genealogy TV on facebook and be sure to like and follow the page.  The page posts nearly every day about various educational opportunities.

Why should I Subscribe to the Genealogy TV YouTube channel or ring the bell, what does that do for me?

If you want to get notified when a new video from Genealogy TV is released, then you need to be Subscribed… and ringing the bell informs YouTube to send you an email when videos are released. You don’t ring the bell if you don’t want email notifications.

In order to Subscribe to the Genealogy YouTube channel, you must have a Google account.  All of this is free. Google accounts are great because they give you an email and great tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar and more.  If you don’t have a Google account, open an internet browser, go to Google.com and search “How to get a Google Account.”

Where can I find the Genealogy TV YouTube Channel?

The easy way… click this link. Genealogy TV on YouTube. You can also search on YouTube for Genealogy TV or your can type YouTube.com/GenealogyTV.