Would you like some help figuring out your family history?  Do you have a brick wall that you would like help to brainstorm research ideas?  Would you like a group of fellow genealogists that you can hangout with online and make new friends?  Come laugh and have fun with us. Genealogy TV is starting new Genealogy TV Insiders group coaching sessions to help with you go Further, Faster, and Factually with Your Family Research.”  

The idea is that six brains are better than one. Collectively we’ll all help brainstorm everyone’s genealogical challenges through Zoom meetings (like Skype or Google Hangouts), so you’ll need a webcam.  Everyone will have an equal amount of time per session to talk about their research and brainstorm ideas. You’ll also participate in helping brainstorm the others in the group.

There will be four to six people per session.

Every month there will be a different research theme about how to fine tune your skills.  This is perfect for beginner to intermediate genealogists to get some individualized coaching at a reasonable rate.  Then you can go back, do your research, and come back the next month to report on your success or challenges. Month after month, we’ll work through your family tree.

Currently there is one session on the Third Thursday of every month at 6pm (eastern).

Additionally, a private GTV Insiders Facebook page is available to continue the conversation, ask questions and learn along with other GTV Insiders at anytime.

There are only five people per group. Once they’re sold out, they’re gone until a space opens up, If necessary, I’ll create a wait list until I can start a new group.

Each session will be recorded and available for your review at anytime after the session and will be available for as long as you’re an Insider.

Should you miss a meeting, make up sessions may be offered within the calendar month, as time an need permits. However, refunds are not offered if you miss a meeting and can’t attend the make up meeting either, as you seat is reserved especially for you.

The GTV Insiders group is $35 per month. These group sessions are approximately one hour in length.

If you have questions, please click the “Contact” tab in menu at the top of the page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

To sign up for the GTV Insiders Group, go to Genealogy TV’s Patreon page, look on the right side under “Tiers,” scroll down to find the one you want.

Genealogy TV Insiders Sign Up