Need help? Do you need help figuring out your family history? Have you hit a brick wall? I’m here to help. If you have questions, I may be able to help through my private consulting service. These are totally confidential Zoom video calls designed to help you find answers. They are by appointment only.

Coaching! These are coaching calls where I’m helping guide you to strategies and records to help you to conduct your own research.

Zoom Calls! In these video chats, we’ll outline your problem or questions and seek to answer them.

I typically use Zoom so we can share computer screens to best visualize your family tree and or genealogy records.

Using Zoom is super easy. Once you’ve paid for your session, we’ll schedule the time and I’ll email you a link. Then all you need to do is click on the link just before the appointment time and follow the instructions. I promise, it’s not hard.

You do not need to sign up for a Zoom account, just follow the link I give you and follow the instructions. The first time you go there, you may have to download the free Zoom software and then it usually says “Open Zoom Meeting.” Typically the whole process is less than a minute.

What do you need? You’ll need a quiet space with computer or tablet with a webcam.

I will need to see your family tree or what it is your working on. It’s most helpful to have a link to your online tree.

That’s it! It’s that easy.

Private Coaching Cost? Video calls are typically a minimum of one hour at $75 – $100 per hour (depending on availability). You may book as needed or on a regular monthly schedule. We’ll schedule a time that is mutually beneficial. On the Patreon site (where you sign up), you can see which programs are available at which rates and how many shots are left in each category.

Genealogy TV Insiders Group Coaching! There are also group calls available at $35 per month. These are similar, but the hour is shared with up to five participants. These are more like group brainstorming sessions. Everyone gets an equal amount of time during the call. For more information about group coaching GO HERE FOR GROUP COACHING!

One Time Only or Reoccurring Calls? Whether you need a one time only call or a regular monthly call, you can SIGN UP at my Patreon account HERE, then click on “See All Levels” and choose the “Join” button for the consultation that fits for your needs.

If you have questions about the coaching service, click here.

Please know that my true goal is to exceed your expectations and to help you go further, faster, and factually with your family research.