WikiTree Updates 2023

In this episode we’re getting an update on the latest changes and features at WIkiTree from WikiTree’s own Mindy Silva. WikiTree is a free platform and a great place to look for clues or build your family tree.  

It is a collaborative tree, so finding your ancestors on the WikiTree may just unlock hundreds of new ancestors once you connect your family to the world tree. 

The advantage of WikiTree, over other collaborative trees, is that it requires you to have a source for every piece of data. Therefore, the tree is supported by real evidence with links that you can trace.

WikiTree does not host records, but the evidence you’ll find there are hyperlinks to where you’ll find the records.

A lot has changed since then with some new menus and features highlighted in this episode. 

I have done several episodes about WikiTree in the past and how to get started and use the online platform. Links for those episodes are in the description on my channel.

Mindy Silva is an employee of WikiTree and specializes in Portuguese research. You can find her at [email protected]