Get free photo repair at MyHeritage with their new Photo Repair, Enhance, Colorize, and Animate features.  While some of these features came out a few months back, they have added their new Repair feature that helps remove cracks and some blemishes from your family photos.   In this episode I showContinue Reading

Trace Your Family Tree for Free Online

Great for Beginners! Learn how to TRACE YOUR FAMILY TREE FOR FREE with this 5 step process, plus bonus tips and a FREE eBOOK!  Are you stuck at home and looking for something fun to do? In this video, I go through the details in each step for how toContinue Reading, 5 Tips for All Genealogist plus free stuff

CLICK THE IMAGE TO GO TO THE VIDEO (Updated 3-31-20) In this episode called “ 5 Tips for All Genealogists” whether you’re a subscriber to MyHeritage or not, you should know what they have to offer that is truly unique and some of it is totally free on their website.Continue Reading