(Updated 3-31-20) In this episode called “ 5 Tips for All Genealogists” whether you’re a subscriber to MyHeritage or not, you should know what they have to offer that is truly unique and some of it is totally free on their website.

They are: The new MyHeritage features… the Free Colorization of Photos (for a short time only) and how to use the Colorized family tree Fan Chart! Plus a MyHeritage announces a contest!

Also, how to download a Gedcom File from then… How to upload a Gedcom file to MyHeritage – How to disconnect a relationship on MyHeritage and, How to use the MyHeritage DNA cousin match tool called “Theory of Relativity.”   These are five things every genealogist should know… and some very cool tools that you’ll not find anywhere else.

👍 Free Trial of MyHeritage Complete Plan

👍 MyHeritage Family Tree Builder

👍 MyHeritage DNA Upload


  • 4:33 Tip #1 How to Colorize Photos 
  • 9:02 Tip #2 How to use the Colorized Fan Chart
  • 9:52 Bonus Tip – How to download a Gedcom file from
  • 11:04 Tip #3 How to upload a Gedcom file to
  • 14:09 Tip #4 How to break a relationship between two people in your MyHeritage family tree.
  • 15:49 Tip #5 How to use the DNA Cousin Matches called “The Theory of Relativity”

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