Learn about copyright laws, where to find court records, adoption records of the past and present… and evidence of marriage. All of this and more for our genealogy research with today’s guest, Judy Russell, a.k.a. The Legal Genealogist.  She is a wealth of information.  Judy Russell helps us understand theContinue Reading

NEW! – I’m pleased to announce (at the audience requests) that the handouts associated with the free Genealogy TV videos on YouTube are now available HERE. FREE downloadable handouts and an eBook are also available at the link above. All handouts are searchable, categorized, and sorted by year of publicationContinue Reading

Genealogy Road Trip Preparation - Genealogy TV Live

Learn how to prepare for a family history ROAD TRIP in this Genealogy TV replay of the live episode from 1-18-20. We talked about how to prepare in advance of your trip to the archives, library, family history centers, and more. PLUS I answer a ton of recent questions andContinue Reading