Handout: How & Why Download DNA from Ancestry


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This is the Handout that matches the free video on Genealogy TV’s YouTube channel, “How & Why Download DNA from Ancestry.”

Learn how and why you should download your raw DNA from Ancestry.  If you want to break down brick walls, DNA can help. If you are not finding good DNA cousins to help your family history research, consider transferring your DNA to other genealogy services (often for free) like Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage, 23andMe, FindMyPast, Gedmatch, and LivingDNA. In this episode on Genealogy TV, learn how to download your raw DNA from AncestryDNA so you can upload it elsewhere.

Uploading DNA to other family history DNA services may help you to find more cousin matches, more family trees, ultimately help with your genealogical research, and to understand more about your genetic connections.  Uploading DNA to other services is often free and allows you to cast a wider net catching more cousins, see their public family trees, find records, and find clues to your family history research.