HANDOUT for “How to Upload Your Family Tree to FamilySearch”



This is the HANDOUT that matches the free video on Genealogy TV’s YouTube channel, “How to Upload Your Family Tree to FamilySearch.”

Learn how to upload your family tree to FamilySearch and have total control over it using a Gedcom file. This video is a result of a blog post I saw on FamilySearch. So, I thought I would create a video to demonstrate how this works. 

FamilySearch is and will always be free to use. For years, FamilySearch users have complained about other people changing their ancestor’s information in the one worldwide collaborative FamilySearch tree.  So, when I saw this article about having total control over your own tree, I had to investigate. Using this method, you can preserve your family history without anyone changing it.

In this video I demonstrate downloading trees using two different services as an experiment to see if the images and documents would transfer from Ancestry to FamilySearch. Then I did one from MyHeritage.  See the video for the results.