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Playlist on Genealogy TV's YouTube Channel.
Playlist on Genealogy TV’s YouTube Channel

Welcome to the new Genealogy TV website, I’m so glad you’re here. My goal is to make Genealogy TV the best free genealogy and educational resource available, presented primarily through video and blog posts.

I launched the Genealogy TV YouTube channel on August 22nd, 2018 and it’s growing like a weed…. I’m having so much fun producing family history videos.

This website is designed as a complimentary platform to Genealogy TV on YouTube to help compartmentalize the family history subjects a bit easier. Additionally, it will be a place for additional show notes, information from the associated videos for information that does not display easily on the YouTube channel.

Genealogy TV programs
Video programs currently produced on Genealogy TV.

On the home page you’ll find a section called Genealogy TV Programs. These are the programs I’m currently producing. There is at least one new video available from one or more of these programs (above) every week, although not every program is produced every week. There is currently over 80 videos on Genealogy TV for your viewing pleasure.

Genealogy TV educational categories
Blue Blocks are organized by subject in alphabetical order. Over time, this list will grow.

Then there is a section (the blue blocks) that give you a list of subjects for which I’ve produced a series of videos along with the latest blog post featured in the larger block on the left. These subjects link to the YouTube playlist of the same name.

If you’re new to genealogy, I recommend you start with Episode 1 in the Learn Genealogy series, but you can learn from any of the episodes.

Genealogy TV is intended to be primarily a video source of information, sometime the written word communicates more effectively. So check back often to make sure you’re not missing a thing. banner

Heads up North Carolina researchers, there is a YouTube channel and the website to aid in your research in the great north state.

All of this information is free to you. The website and YouTube channels are supported by donations, special programs, and ads. Please consider supporting Genealogy TV by using the affiliate links or becoming a patron here.

Lastly, make sure you subscribe to the Genealogy TV Newsletter so that your favorite information is delivered right to your inbox.

Well, that it! Thanks for stopping by the new Genealogy TV website! I hope it helps you “Go Further, Faster, and Factually with Your Family History Research!”