Can you download your family tree from  Can you upload your FamilySearch tree to  Can you sync your family trees between and  I get these questions a lot.  I also get questions about how to sync your family tree between Family Tree Maker software and FamilySearch.  

In this video we’re going to talk about all of that and demonstrate how to download your tree from to the Family Tree Maker software  We’ll also discuss Ancestral Quest and Family Tree Maker’s compatibility with FamilySearch.

There is a handout that includes the step by step instructions for syncing your family tree from FamilySearch to Family Tree Maker. This is exclusively for “Info Access Level” Genealogy TV Channel Members. To Join the Genealogy TV Channel Membership click here. Channel Members look in the Community Tab for the post about this video and the link to the handout.

To skip right to what you want to know:

  • 0:42 Can you download your family tree from
  • 1:08 Why would you download your tree from FamilySearch?
  • 2:12 You can download to a third party software.
  • 2:30 List of 3rd Party Software
  • 3:25 Limitations of Family Tree Maker’s Compatibility
  • 4:38 Ancestral Quest Compatibility
  • 5:10 Get Started with FamilySearch Download
  • 5:38 For Exclusive FamilySearch Users
  • 6:30 Demo of FamilySearch Download to Family Tree Maker Software
  • 9:02 Compare Ancestry,com Tree to Tree
  • 11:26 How to Download Gedcom File from Family Tree Maker

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