DNA Painter with Jonny Perl: NEW UPDATES 2023

DNA Painter is one of the most loved tools by professional and hobby genealogists alike and it is free to use. DNAPainter.com is a tool we use to help understand the DNA relationships between our DNA cousins and a whole lot more. The various tools here can help you solve those family history mysteries we are all working on in our genealogy research. This free tool can help you build your family tree and discover how you might be related to others. 

A popular tool is the What Are The Odds tool, a.k.a. WATO tool. This helps you figure out the probabilities based on your DNA matches and your known tree.

There are so many new tools at DNA Painter that I just had to get Jonny Perl in a video to help explain the details of his amazing website and all of the DNA Painter tools. 

? Find the DNA Painter tool at https://dnapainter.com/ 

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