This is my favorite video gear for shooting family events, interviews and reunions.

Connie’s Favorite Gear for Interviewing

Depending on the situation I will typically use the least amount of gear, but might grab any or all of these.

Affordable Tripod

Small tripod with cell phone grip  Make sure it fits your cell phone.

Mini Table Top Tripod by Manfrotto.  Manfrotto has great gear and reasonably priced. Most of my tripods are Manfrotto’s.

Joby Grip for smaller phones and great for the kitchen table conversations.

Joby Grip that Bends, can be wrapped around anything.  Just remember you’ll need a way to mount the camera with this one.  See the cell phone mounts below to add to this bendable tripod.  They have the same quarter-twenty socket that mates with this tripod.

Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick – This is my favorite selfie stick.  It’s sturdy, lightweight, long extension, can get above crowds, and has a rechargeable remote trigger.  The only downside is the trigger will not start and stop video.  It will only trigger still photos. That’s okay with me, I love this selfie stick. If you’re using it with a cell phone, you’ll need to buy the cell phone holder separately.

Cell Phone Holders –  I like the threaded kind of holders as opposed to the elastic holders.  I have a larger phone with a rubber case on my phone and find these threaded holders work a lot better and last longer.  They have a quarter-twenty size threaded socket on the bottom that will mount on any standard size tripod.

Ailun Cell Phone Holder $5.99 (at the time of this writing).  I have both the Ailun and Neewer (below) phone holders. Go for the cheaper one.  They’re almost identical.  Event the art and packaging is the same.  The units are slightly different in shape but both work equally well to me.

Neewer Smart Phone Holder $9.99 (at the time of this writing).

Digital SLR Cameras (a.k.a. DSLR’s) There are hundreds on the market.  These are mine.

Canon 7D DSLR Camera You’ll need to use a tripod with this camera, when shooting family interviews.  Holding this camera for a long time will be tiring.

Or Canon 5D Mark IV, You’ll need to use a tripod with this camera when shooting interviews. This is a great camera if you’re into photography too!  I love my 5D!!!  Love, love, love!

Shot Gun Mic’s (Directional Microphone, Mounts on Camera)

Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone for Smart Phones.  I love this mic.  It is shockingly good for the price.  Also it’s easy, there is no clipping a mic on someone or dealing with cables.  However, for interviews, you’ll get a little better result pinning a lav mic on your subject.

Rode VideoMic Directional Video Condenser Microphone with Mount is a good camera to mount on a Digital SLR camera like the Canon 5D Mark IV I wrote about.  The mic mounts on the hot shoe of the camera (where the flash mounts). It’s very directional and will pick up sound in the direction it’s pointed and will eliminate most sound coming from the rear.  If your camera is noisy, it might pick up sound either from the camera or you, so shhhh… be very quiet when shooting.

Lav’s or Lavalier Micrphones clip on a persons shirt, ideally withing about  6 – 8 inches of a persons mouth.  Make sure they’re pointed up and not sideways.  The clips rotate. I’ve tested these and are great for the price.

BOYA BY-M1 3.5mm Electret Condenser Microphone with 1/4″ adapter for Smartphones, iPhone, DSLR Cameras, and PC’s.  I own a pair of these, they work great for family interviews.

Have you recorded family interviews?  What gear do you use?  Tell us in the comment section below.
Full disclosure. The links above are my recommendations based on my experience as a professional.  However, they are affiliate marketing links which means I could get a small commission on these products if you choose to purchase them.  Please know that I would never-ever recommend a product that I didn’t believe in wholeheartedly.  Your trust is more important to me than a small commission.  Should you decided to use the links provided it will not cost you a dime more, but the commission will help support this website and the Genealogy TV and NC Ancestry YouTube channels.  Thanks for your support!
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