Find More Genealogy Facts with the Trifecta Strategy Wall Buster

NEW! The Trifecta Strategy uses 3 to the Third Power to solve your brick walls.  It uses, and one other genealogy repository of your choice (like or Breakdown those brick walls with this new strategy.  The Trifecta Strategy is designed to keep you focused on aContinue Reading

Watch it! - Your Ancestors on

Watch Your Ancestors on FamilySearch!, MyHeritage, FindMyPast, and all other users, YOU’LL WANT TO SEE THIS TOO!  In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to “watch” your ancestors and  get email notifications with this very simple, yet powerful tool on  Whether you’re on FamilySearch or not, you’ll wantContinue Reading

How to download your FamilySearch tree!

Can you download your family tree from  Can you upload your FamilySearch tree to  Can you sync your family trees between and  I get these questions a lot.  I also get questions about how to sync your family tree between Family Tree Maker software and FamilySearch.  Continue Reading

In this video, I show you my five favorite ways to do genealogy research in 2020 on the totally free website, but I also show you how I use these FamilySearch tools together to maximize your results. Connie’s Method for Using First pick a primary location for yourContinue Reading