In this video I answer some of the questions from a recent Genealogy TV episode called “ ThruLines Explained” as well as from “How to Research the Social Security Death Index Online“, along with some other general questions about family history research.

1:53 Question: If a person shows up on Thrulines are you automatically related by DNA?

2:29 Question: If you put a person you think is your parent in your tree, will Thrulines automatically put them as a parent or only if they are your DNA parent?

3:36 Comment: There is so much nonsense on Ancestry, and other internet sources, that I believe none of it unless I can locate ample primary evidence.

4:27 Comment: Don’t just copy other people’s trees – or at least verify [the genealogical evidence].

5:49 Question: Is it okay to write on the back of photographs?

6:12 Question: How do you extract data from Ancestry? [How do you download your tree from]

7:12 Comments: Don’t assume that the location of someone’s death in the Social Security Death Index is correct. There are a variety of reasons it may be incorrect explained in the part of the video.

9:27 Question: Where do you put the different spelling of an ancestor’s name on

10:53 How do you file records for multiple people in the same family with the same name?


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