New for November 2019

Learn about AncestryHealth® with’s new service launched last month where they’re testing your DNA samples for genetic health variants. In this video you can learn about Ancestry’s two new “AncestryHealth” services. One is called AncestryHealth Core™ and the other is AncestryHealth Plus™. AncestryHealth® provides reports for selected conditions in the following general areas: Cancer Risk, Heart and Blood Health, Carrier Status and Wellness.”

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Below are the bullet points presented in this video for your convenience.

  • In October Ancestry launched AncestryHealth for US residence only. 
    • Outside of the US requires various regulations.
    • Will be Rolled Out by Individual Countries Over Time. 
  • AncestryHealth is in partnership with Independent Physicians Group who actually orders the DNA and reviews the test.
  • Not part of your current DNA results.  You need to purchase this.
  • “AncestryHealth® provides reports for selected conditions in the following general areas: Cancer Risk, Heart and Blood Health, Carrier Status and Wellness.”
  • Two levels: AncestryHealth Core™ & AncestryHealth Plus
    • AncestryHealth Core™  has currently –  total of 17 health traits they report on.
      • 9 are health related
      • 8 are wellness related
      • Family History Health Tool
    • Cancer Risks
      • Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome.(HBOC)
      • Lynch Syndrome. Lynch syndrome increases the chances of developing colon cancer and uterine cancer.
    • Carrier Status – Carriers do not have the disease, their children might.
      • Cystic Fibrosis 
      • Tay-Sachs Disease 
      • Sickle Cell Anemia 
    • Heart and Blood Health
      • Cardiomypathy
      • Familial Hypercholestrerolemia
      • Hereditary Hemochromatosis
      • Herditary Thrombophilia
    • AncestryHealth Plus adds all from the AncestryHealth Core PLUS Next Generation Sequencing when available… in early 2020.
      • Includes 6 months of membership.
      • According to the website “AncestryHealth Plus™ analyzes millions of places in your DNA, called genetic markers, including thousands of locations within each of your genes—significantly more than standard microarray technology.” 
      • Plus data will be available around the beginning of 2020.
  • They have made it clear that “Ancestry does not sell or share data with insurers, employers, or third-party marketers.”
  • Printable consumer and physician-ready reports that provide guidance for next steps an individual and their healthcare provider can take together. 
  • Who is eligible?
    • Anyone Can Buy “Core”.
    • Only Existing DNA Customers Can Buy “Plus”
    • In other words…
      • If you have already taken a DNA test with Ancestry you can upgrade to Core or Plus.
      • If you have not taken any DNA test with Ancestry, you have to purchase a DNA test in order to get “Core” and that is done as one purchase.
  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • You’ve never had a bone marrow or stem cell transplant from someone else.
  • Must reside in the U.S., with the exception of New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island.
  • Not available in NY, NJ, and RI.
  • Do you need to submit another sample?

In most instances, you will not need to submit another sample. If you do need to submit another sample, they’ll let you know and ship a collection kit to you at no additional cost.

Different than other genetic health testing companies because physician network orders and reviews the tests.

Ancestry Health Tab

  • There is a dashboard with information…
  • Family Tree 
    • You Build From Scratch
    • Separate From Your Research Tree!
      • For Privacy Reasons
      • Is a Biological Tree
      • Can add Medical Conditions
      • Can Download a Family History/Health History
    • Reports
      • Pulls important information to the top of the report.
      • Key Takeaways
        • “If you do only one thing, do this” – Recommendations for next steps.
  • Reports to Share With Your Doctor.
  • Webinars to ask private questions and get answers in real time.

Does Ancestry Share Your Information?

  • With the Ancestry Ordering Physician Partner? Yes
  • Laboratory – Data only, not your name.
  • Information will not be shared with any third party as part of Ancestry’s privacy policy.  
  • Further DNA Research – By Your Consent Only.

Can you share with your family?

  • Yes at your choice only and you’ll be able to pick what you share.
  • There is no platform for combining family members in one health tree.


  • You cannot manage the AncestryHealth report for another individual, even if you’re managing their DNA kit.
  • Can’t split apart to another third party service at this time.
  • What if you’re managing a DNA kit for a deceased person, can the Health Report be added for them? No.
  • Will the test results show Haplogroups?  No.
  • Will the NextGen raw data be available? Eventually yes.

AncestryHealth Cost?

  • If you’re new to Ancestry you can buy the “AncestryHealth Core” but it also comes with the standard DNA kit as well.
    • Buy as a gift or if you’re new to Ancestry $149 for AncestryHealth Core 
  • If you already have an Ancestry DNA test…
    • Upgrade Costs if you have DNA with Ancestry already.
      • AncestryHealth Core $49 One Time Only Fee
      • AncestryHealth Plus is $49 now and $49 every six months to maintain membership within the plan.  
        • You will get more reports over time as the membership grows.  
        • You can opt out at any time.
        • You can pause and return later. 

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