Happy New Year! Create New Genealogy Research Goals for 2020

With this Tiny Tip Tuesday… get inspired to write down your research goals and plans for 2020. With research goals, you create research questions, with research questions, you can create research plans, with research plans you develop places to look for your ancestors, but it all starts with what doContinue Reading

About AncestryHealth

New for November 2019 Learn about AncestryHealth® with Ancestry.com’s new service launched last month where they’re testing your DNA samples for genetic health variants. In this video you can learn about Ancestry’s two new “AncestryHealth” services. One is called AncestryHealth Core™ and the other is AncestryHealth Plus™. AncestryHealth® provides reportsContinue Reading

Live Show Replay! Learn how to go beyond the statistics and tell your family history story with these inspirational ideas. Genealogy is more than facts and names, tell the colorful stories using these skills to bring your legacy to life. Enter the contest associated with this video above here. DeadlineContinue Reading

Ancestry.com has new tools coming out, some starting July 1st, 2019. I’ve got the inside scoop. If you’re an Ancestry.com user, you’re going to want to see this as I demonstrate those tools. Effective July 1st, 2019 Ancestry.com has new tools coming out.  I’ve got the inside scoop. See theContinue Reading

Do you have Civil War ancestors?  If so, you’ll want to know about this new NC Civil War & Reconstruction History Center located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I had the opportunity to interview Cheri Molter, an employee with the center.  She explained that the center is collecting your stories forContinue Reading