What is a floating tree? Why should you create a floating tree? This is an excellent strategy for genealogy research to find other ancestors within your ancestors clan. This is a Tiny Tip Clip from a previous episode listed below. In this episode I’ll show you how to create aContinue Reading

Learn five tips that will make you a better genealogy researcher. These are some of the best family history strategies all in one presentation.  Plus we’ll answer your questions. There is a handout for this episode for Info Channel Members, Happy Dance level Patrons, and they are available at https://genealogytv.org/ Continue Reading

Extracting Census Data to Excel : Tiny Tip Clip

NEW TODAY! Learn how to break down genealogical brick walls by extracting data from census records to find additional families in the community where your ancestors lived.  This is demonstrated on Ancestry but can be used on FamilySearch and MyHeritage.  This is a clip from the original episode was #1Continue Reading

Learn why and how to set up two or more monitors to help with your genealogy research and family history workflow.  This is a Tiny Tip Clip from the original episode called Genealogy Workflow: Workspace, Organizing, Filing & Research Process.Continue Reading

Learn how to search Private Trees for your ancestors on Ancestry.com. Yes you can… search private trees for your ancestors and I will show you how. This is a “Tiny Tip Clip” from the original episode called “Hidden Tools on Ancestry.”  Continue Reading

Social Security Death Index for Genealogy

Have you looked in the Social Security Death Index records for your ancestors? In this clip from a previous episode about the Social Security Death Index, a.k.a. as the SSDI, you’ll learn about this valuable set of records. We’ll also dig deeper into the Social Security Applications & Claims IndexContinue Reading

I took the top ten genealogy research tips (using Ancestry and FamilySearch) that Genealogy TV viewers watched the most and compiled them into two episodes.  Think of it as the “Best of Genealogy TV” videos and tips for family history.  This is Part 2 of this two part series.  HereContinue Reading