How to Download a Gedcom File from (2020)

I get this question all the time, about how to download your family tree. Alternatively, I get the question… How can you download your family tree and upload it to another service? Lastly, why should you download your family tree from Ancestry or any other service? WHAT IS A GEDCOMContinue Reading ThruLines Explained (2020)

In this episode I explain exactly how’s ThruLines works, where it gets its data, and how it can help you with your family history research. Links discussed in this episode… Other Links discussed in this video and THRULINES Videos 📼 Thrulines™ Q&A with Crista Cowan 📼 Ancestry’s ThruLines(TM)  QContinue Reading How to Share Your Tree

Learn how to share your tree the safe way. In this video I talk about the various permission levels when sharing your family history tree. There are three levels of permissions that you should be aware of when sharing your tree with someone. Sharing your tree with someone asContinue Reading

Which is the Best Genealogy Site? vs. Learn the Power of Using Both!

Which is the better genealogy website, or In this Genealogy TV episode, I’ve got five examples demonstrating the power of using and together to amplify your family history search results. Here are the links from this episode. (Some are affiliate links) Ancestry Free Trial FamilySearchContinue Reading