In this episode I’m answering your genealogy questions about the 1950 Census “not at home” line, several questions about the new AncestryDNA SideView feature (were they are showing your DNA ethnicity results split by Parent 1 and Parent 2), and some good genealogy research tips shared by viewers of GenealogyContinue Reading

Ancestry has created a new mobile photo scanning app where you can scan one or many images, crop, and upload to your Ancestry account with one click.  This you’ve got to see. This is great for scanning many images in a scrapbook… with ONE CLICK.  It’s pretty cool. Click theContinue Reading

Learn how to search the 1950 U.S. Census by name, before it is indexed. Here we will use the National Archives and Records Administration AI search along with finding the same images on Ancestry and FamilySearch.Continue Reading

Ancestry has a new DNA feature that shows you how your DNA ethnicity is split between your father and mother’s side. This is the start of something huge, I can’t wait for you to see this VIDEO.Continue Reading

Are you overwhelmed with your genealogy?  I got together with another professional genealogist, Amy Johnson Crow to discuss her suggestions for how to not get overwhelmed with your family history research. Watch this one all the way through, it gives you some real fuel for thought.Continue Reading

MyHeritage has some really cool new tools to help animate from your ancestors’ images. In this episode we will review the new records, timeline and LiveStory features with MyHeritage genealogy expert, Daniel Horowitz. Get a FREE TRIAL at MyHeritage Here (affiliate link) Continue Reading