I took the top ten genealogy research tips (using Ancestry and FamilySearch) that Genealogy TV viewers watched the most and compiled them into two episodes.  Think of it as the “Best of Genealogy TV” videos and tips for family history.  This is Part 2 of this two part series.  HereContinue Reading

I took the top ten genealogy research tips that Genealogy TV viewers watched the most and compiled them into two episodes.  Think of it as “Best of…” videos.  This is Part 1 of this two part series.  In part one we’ll see clips about how to find private trees onContinue Reading

Learn how to take old audio cassettes and transfer them to digital computer files so you can preserve family audio cassettes.  These old cassettes won’t last forever, but digital files will. In this video I show you how simple it is to transfer audio files with an easy to useContinue Reading

In this live show, now available for replay, we’re talking about why you might not be getting responses to your messages through family tree services like Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritage, FindMyPast, WikiTree, family history forums, and others… and how you can improve your odds. Then we’re talking about what to doContinue Reading

Wills, probate and estate records can be the best family history records you ever find. Additionally, understanding your female ancestors rights with regard to land ownership, dower rights, and their place in society at the time, can help you know how to find women in the records to help withContinue Reading

Learn how to preserve old documents from The Archive Lady, Melissa Barker. In this episode she teaches the great granddaughter of the now famous 1872 DeWorth-Havey marriage certificate (that was found in a thrift shop), how to preserve this old document that she now owns.Continue Reading

1870’s Marriage Certificate Found in Thrift Shop: The Whole Story

National media picked up this family history story about the 1870’s marriage certificate that was found in the back of a painting in a thrift shop. I’m the one who solved the mystery of this old marriage certificate. In this episode, I’m going to share with you the whole story,Continue Reading

Freedmen's Bureau Records on Ancestry

EXTRA EXTRA – NEW TODAY! Ancestry has announced the addition of the Freedmen’s Bureau and Freedman Bank Records available for free!  This is 3.5 million records that is a huge benefit for those researching their African American and poor or indigent white ancestors in the post Civil War era.  TheContinue Reading