Genealogy TV is Hiring for Instructors for the Genealogy TV Academy

If interested, you would be required to do two presentations. One light version (prerecorded) for the Genealogy TV YouTube channel and one detailed version live via Zoom (with handouts and worksheets as necessary) for the students in the Genealogy TV Academy.

Possible Subjects for Instructors

Skill-based Lessons

  • GPS
  • Effective Searches
  • Using PERSI
  • Using Excel for Genealogy
  • Case Study Demonstrating a Skill
  • Case Study Demonstrating FAN club that Resolved Problems
  • Census Records Deep Dive
  • Reading Old Handwriting
  • Source Analysis
  • Organization
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Effective Use in Libraries and Archives
  • Courthouse Research

Subject Based Lessons

  • Autosomal DNA
  • DNA in combination with traditional genealogy
  • Immigration & Naturalization
  • Colonial Research
  • Migration
  • Reading Images
  • Understanding various family tree formats (Ahnentafel/Sosa-Stradonitz system or NGSQ)
  • Maps
  • Military Records
  • European Research’

Video Editors

Genealogy TV is always looking for skilled video editors. Connie cuts most of her videos herself, but uses freelance editors as needed each month. If you are interested in editing video for YouTube, contact Connie Knox at the button above.