Genealogy TV Academy

Learn Genealogy Virtually with Monthly Membership Courses

“I help genealogy enthusiasts break down brick walls by learning smart research methods… find more records… and get organized… so that they can share their ancestry with family and future generations.”   Constance Henley Knox


Each month the Genealogy TV Academy will host a live virtual class meeting about a different research subject. These Zoom classes will be recorded for review later.


As courses are developed, handouts and worksheets will be made available in the course platform. These will help you with your research for years to come.


There are currently two fully developed courses available for you right to start right now. One is called Getting Started in Genealogy (beginners) and the other is Smart Research (learn about records, evidence analysis, research strategies to help you focus the research process, and much more). These courses have informative videos, handouts, worksheets, and specific step-by-step instructions to guide you through an organized path to help you with your genealogy research goals. With time, more lessons will be added to the platform.


As a member, you’ll be invited to join the Genealogy TV Insider Facebook Group where you can ask questions between the monthly Zoom calls.


Monthly Membership Allows for Full Access to All Courses + The Live Classroom!

Value of this Academy & Membership (Annualized)

  • Monthly Live Classroom (via Zoom) $2400
  • Handouts & Worksheets $1200
  • Online Self-Guided Courses – $700
  • Private Facebook Group for Q&A – Priceless

Total Value Per Year $4,300

Total Value Per Month $358

Regular Membership Price is $59 per month.

Get 50% off During the Early Adopter’s Launch!

That’s $29.50 per Month!

Keep the Early Adopter Rate for Life!

Lifetime Early Adopter rate applies for the life of your continuous subscription.

Membership Includes

  • Unlimited Use of the Courses During Membership
  • New Courses Each Month
  • Access to Live Monthly Zoom Meetings
  • Access to Recorded Video Library
  • Handouts and Worksheets

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s up with this Early Adopter Launch anyway?

This is a new kind of course platform that is evolving as we bring more courses online. Therefore, you’re getting a significantly reduced prices, while we work out the details in the systems.

Will the Early Adopter price ever change?

No. As long as you are a continuous member of the Genealogy TV Academy, your Early Adopter monthly rate will not change for the life of your subscription.

What if I stop my membership, will I get the Early Adopter price back, if I rejoin?

No. Due to the limitations of our platform, once you leave the membership, the price reverts to the normal monthly rate… unless there is another promotion.

Who is teaching the classes?

For now, Connie Knox is teaching all the classes. Soon there will be additional professional genealogist joining as part of the team.

What is Zoom meetings?

Zoom meetings allow us to meet face to face through video conferencing.  Here you can ask questions after the presentations.  While you don’t have to have a camera or microphone, your instructors may not be able to answer your questions live if you don’t have a camera or mic.  However, you can type in the chat window and we’ll do our best to answer questions.

Will the classes be recorded?

Yes. Recording the classes allows us to put a link in the course platform for those who can’t attend live and to review the class again later.

What is your refund policy?

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. You can drop the course at anytime and your subscription will end immediately. If you are not satisfied with the Academy courses. You can request a refund for the current month.  To do so, go to the contact tab at the top of the home page on Do you have more questions?