Wills, Estates, & Probate

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In this lesson we talked about why probate packages should always be a part of your research process. Even if a person died without a will, you should always search for a probate packet because there might be the settlement of an estate for someone who died “intestate.” These records can be a wealth of information.

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Books Mentioned

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North Carolina Wills: A Testators Index 1665 – 1900

Black’s Law Dictionary 1891 Reprint

Ancestry’s Concise Genealogical Dictionary

Online “The Law Dictionary” (Free)

Some Terms Found in Probate Packages

Intestate – Died without a Will.

Testate – Died with a Will.

A Copy Teste” – A copy of an original document.

“Prest.” – “In old English law. A duty in money to be paid by the sheriff upon his account in the exchequer, or for money left or remaining in his hands.” 1

Dower Rights – Typically 1/3 of her husband’s estate when he died.

Decd – Deceased

Testis – Latin for Witnesses Reference Materials

Mansion House – Does not mean that they have a mansion in today’s terms, it means the main residence house. There may be other outbuildings.

Administrator – An appointed legal representative of an estate in charge of distribution of the property.

Administratrix – A female administrator.

Executor – A person named in a will and appointed by the probate court to settle an estate.

Executrix – A female executor.


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