Q&A Session – June 2023 – Q’s About 1950 Census and More

Here are the chapters and timestamps:

00:00 GTV Academy QA
00:05 Why is it when I search in the ancestry tree there’s no rhyme or reason in the way the results are listed
03:02 What does it mean on the 1950 census by the name of a person, nee?
08:18 No Known Birthday, Can I Still Find Information?
11:04 Follow Up on First Question
11:47 DNA Cross Lines Maternal / Paternal
16:46 Finding an Ancestor in the 1930 and 1940 Census in Wilmington
17:50 Confederate Versions of Fraternal Organizations of Civil War
18:19 Finding the Biological Father
19:20 Showing Married, Divorced and Re-married Couples on FamilySearch
19:36 Google Books
20:08 Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)
21:49 Facebook Messages to Make Contact
28:12 Researching a Relative Who May Have Been Put in Orphanage
29:37 World War II Records
33:29 Live Session on Birth, Marriage, and Death Records