Q&A Session Aug 2023 – Scanning Photos, Research Notes, Guardianship & Orphans, Citing a PDF, Facebook Groups, Research Process for Wills, and More

00:00 Intro
00:14 How to use Turbo  scan
02:20 Ancestry – Storymaker Studio Scan Photos Demo
05:32 Photomyne App
06:36 Is it Advisable to Add Commentary to Your Research Notes?
12:28 After Correcting My Family Tree on Ancestry, Some Couples are Connected by a Red Line
13:55 Linking Back to Original Image Once Saved in Ancestry
20:28 Is Ruth Thornton the same person as Lydia Thurston?
27:01 Do You Include Blank Fields when Transcribing a Form?
30:22 Guardianship and Orphans
33:22 Ancestry and Family  Tree Maker Changes
36:28 How Do You Cite a PDF?
40:24 Facebook Groups for Relatives
44:24 Research Process Regarding Wills
46:38 GTV has 84469 YouTube Followers
49:10 Next Meeting’s Topic