Q&A Session 9-20-23

(Find A Grave Virtual Cemeteries, Social Security Death Index, Railroad Retirement, Ship Records, Census Enumeration Maps, DNA Matches, Misspellings, Quit Claim Deeds)

00:00 Intro
00:13 Delays in Social Security Copy Application
03:13 Find a Grave, Virtual Cemeteries
05:44 Starting a Virtual Cemetery
07:25 Person in a Wrong Cemetery on Find a Grave
08:24 Finding  Somebody with a Social Security Number but No Date of Death
14:44 Social Security Number Missing from Death Certificate
19:15 Railroad Retirement Pension Index
21:42 Finding Info on Ship Records in the Newspapers
22:49 Enumeration Maps: Finding Who Lived at a Particular Address in 1900
24:37 Social Security index Requirement
25:46 Enumeration Map Example
29:13  Follow-up, Illumination District Maps
30:30 Follow-up on Diane’s Question
34:36 DNA Matches from Adopted Grandmother
37:58 Misspellings on a Birth Certificate
39:40 Quit Claim