Q&A Session 12-21-22

Lots of great questions in this session. Here are just some of the subjects we talked about.

0:14 How to search unindexed records?

9: 50 Where to find records for the WPA projects?

11:40 Can you find Military Records without an ID number?

15:29 About Member Connect (on Ancestry) and how to contact another member for best response?

20:08 Getting Exercise while sitting too much doing genealogy.

22:00 Researching African American enslavers who was a member the Creek indian population.

26:31 Setting timers and using apps to remind you to get up and move around.

27:11 More about the Suggested Connections on Ancestry and watching changes they make.

29:03 Is it necessary to keep the black area around an image? Studying the framing in an image.

32:09 DNA Test Kits – Who should take the test?

34:40 How to find Member Connect on Ancestry and how to turn on Research Tools menu.

35:35 New DNA Matches

37:40 Ashkenazi Jewish and DNA Match

40:00 How long has Ancestry had a DNA Connection in the Ancestry tree?

42:07 Follow up on Social Security Records & SS5 and SS711 Applications

Links to Items Talked About in This Q&A Session

Microfilm for Portland Oregon Passenger List Used as Example

WPA Projects on the NARA Website

Fold3 (Subscription Required) – Military Records

Google Search of Military Uniforms

National Archives Military Records Research

Pre-1917 Army Records at the National Archives

US WWII Military Uniforms

Southern Claims Commision on Ancestry List of Record Sets

Southern Claims Commission Master Index on Ancestry

Freedmen’s Bureau Records on Ancestry

Diahan Southard’s DNA Classes (affiliate) Endogamy Class

Social Security SS711 Application for Records