Q & A Session 6-15-22

In this questions and answer session we talked a lot about source citations, understanding why Ancestry’s source column does not always draw to other family members in the profile view, Y-DNA, and more.

Video Timings

0:00 Intro

0:02 1950 Census question from Shelly Dudley

3:17 Tammy’s source citation question

12:07 Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills professional citations

15:05 Evidence Explained site using Sample Quick check models

16:55 Member suggested citation building resources

17:47 Hobbyist citation formats

19:42 Stable URL’s and using hyperlinks 

21:02 FamilySearch citation “reason to attach this information”

23:55 Expanding on Crista Cowan’s Ancestry record connecting solution

28:57 GPS and coordinates question from Linda

29:56 Tip – FindAGrave allows GPS pindrop for coordinates marking graves

30:15 Chat questions

30:40 Profile picture resizing issue on Ancestry (Jeff’s question)

32:46 Using standardized location formats (Jeff’s question)

35:44 Finding an ancestor on census if enumerated more than once using Smart filtering

40:53 Diahan Southard’s “Ask the wife” genetic genealogy strategy explained 

41:55 Recap of Connie’s NPE example and finding ancestor’s unknown father

49:42 Eliminating a district name in a location citation

50:09 Correcting primary location in FamilyTree Maker

53:00 When to use Title and Keyword search boxes for records

57:36 Card Catalog record sorting