Q&A 18 Oct 2023 – Create Sources on Ancestry + More

00:00 Introduction
00:05 Floating Trees Path Progress Not Updating
00:19 How to Add a Source on Ancestry?
02:02 How Do We Share a Source on Ancestry
11:09 Attaching Source Citations to Multiple People in Tree
16:56 Newspapers Research
18:13  Honey Taylor, Marion Alabama Cemetery Visit
23:33 Create a Bucket List and Prioritize It
25:32 How Would You Cite Multiple Sources on the Same Directory Page?
28:32 FAN Club Research to Narrow Down Records
33:20 ThruLines Icon on Ancestry
35:09 Smart Filters for Census Records
39:21 Census for Military Personnel and Vessels
42:31 Help and Tips for Finding a Will
50:17 Searching for Ancestors from 1765