Immigration , Emigration, and Naturalization 7-5-23


Here are the timestamps with chapters:   00:00 Introduction
00:05 Immigration, Emigration and Naturalization
02:09 Definitions
03:13 Why Migrate?
04:49 Timeline of Immigration Laws in US
07:38 Ports of Entry
08:47 Border Crossing
09:12 Modes of Transportation
10:36 Sailing Ships
11:40 Steamships
13:12 Transportation Routes
14:30 US Laws – Passenger Lists
15:23 Clues about Citizenship
19:11 Naturalization Process
23:07 Passport applications
26:28 Emigration Records
28:03 Newspapers
30:04 Finding the Records – Family Search
30:41 Finding the records – Ancestry
31:54 Finding the Records – MyHeritage
32:40 Finding the Records – FindMyPast
33:15 Finding the Records – Archives
33:53 Many Records Creates a Story
36:17 Recommended Books
38:29 The History Guy
39:31 Questions
39:36 Repatriation Records Only for Women Who Were Being Repatriated?
40:34 When Did Passports Become Required and Why?
41:46 How to Prove People in Passenger Lists are My Ancestors?
44:29 Proving You’re a Citizen When Voting
45:29 Weighing Conflicting Evidence
46:32 Goodbye 


? They Became Americans, Finding Naturalization Records and Ethnic Origins by Loretto Dennis Szucs

? They Came in Ships by John P. Colletta, PH.D

? Guide to Naturalization Records of the United States, Christina K. Schaefer Guide to Naturalization Records of the United States, Christina K. Schaefer  

? Guide to Ellis Island Ancestors, Sharon DeBartolo Carmack Giued to Ellis Island Ancestors, Sharon DeBartolo Carmack


?D’Vera Cohn, “How U.S. Immigration laws and rules have changed through history,”: Pew Research Center,…. Interactive timeline.

? “United States Naturalization Laws,” FamilySearch FamilySearch wiki,….

? Heritage Ships website with images of immigration ships. This is an unsponsored recommendation.

? List of Ports and Times on Ancestry…

? National Archives UK  and refined to immigration, emigration records, This may lead you back to the FindMyPast website (subscription required).

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