Grouping Your DNA Cousins Matches on Ancestry to the Grandparent Branches: Live Session 11-2-22

AncestryDNA now has the ability to group our DNA cousin matches by our parents genetic networks. In other words, into two groups.

As of this writing, they are dividing the total list of our cousin matches into groups labeled Parent 1 and Parent 2. We can then edit those parent titles if we can figure out which side is our paternal or maternal side side of the family.

This can be done if the ethnicity (also now divided into two groups) is unique on one side of the family and we know where they come from. For example, my paternal grandmother was 100% Danish. There is no Danish on my mothers side, so it was easy for me to identify which of the parents (labeled Parent 1 and Parent 2) was my fathers side of the family.

This video lesson takes this process one step further grouping our DNA matches into four groups that represent the genetic networks of our grandparents.