Correlation of Evidence, Part 2 : Any Records

Previously in part oneCorrelating U.S. Census Records,” we talked specifically about how to correlate family groups across the decades in U.S. census records. More specifically, we talked about strategies for finding ancestors prior to 1850 when only the head of household was named. If you wish to see Correlating U.S. Census records (part one) GO HERE.

In this Correlating Evidence, Part 2 lesson, we’re talking about the various ways you can correlate the facts and records using Excel spreadsheets.  This can be a variety of records, not just census records.

See below or the materials tab for handouts, worksheets, and examples.

During the live classroom presentation, someone asked for examples of the filtered worksheet. I have included it below (FAN Club Tracking Worksheet) as well as the link to the video #1 Way to Break Down Brick Walls, from the Genealogy TV YouTube channel where I explain the research problem and in detail how to create this sheet. Also below is the handout (#1 Way to Break Down Brick Walls Trick) about how to create those filters in Excel.

Also, during this presentation I showed how I correlated DNA matches in Excel. Due to privacy reasons, I cannot share that spreadsheet with you. However, here is a video where I created that same spreadsheet. It is called Organizing Your DNA Matches in Excel.

Also mentioned…

…Was the use of DNA Painter as a tool to help determine DNA cousin relationships. Here is the link to the DNA Painter tool.

…The Norway Ship Images (not just from Norway)

This is a lot of information to digest. Take your time and work through it carefully.