About Recorded Live Classroom Sessions

Live Classroom on Zoom

Typically there is a live Zoom lesson on the first Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM eastern and a live Zoom Q&A session on the third Wednesday of each month at the same time. These are subject to change depending on the availability of the instructor.

Keep an eye out on the Academy Message Board for Zoom links and other information. You should also get two notices by email with information and Zoom links as well (so long as you have not opted out of the email list).

Accessing Past Recorded Live Classroom Sessions

There are two ways to get to the recorded Live Classroom Sessions.

#1 Best Option – Live Classroom Course

The best way to access the videos with the handouts is to access the recorded sessions using the BLUE BUTTON below or access it from the ACADEMY DASHBOARD.

This is a separate course, thus the videos, additional information, and handouts are within each lesson.

This course is in a list format as shown below. Once there, click each item to open the lesson.

Mark each video lesson as complete to help you remember which ones you have seen. When you do, you’ll see a blue check mark to the left of those you have seen.

#2 Video Grid without Handouts

The second way to access the videos is on a video grid page (pictured below) which is easy to see, but the handouts are not listed with the videos. To go to the video grid page (without handouts) use the pink button below. You’ll find this grid at the bottom of each pre-built course for another access point.