1870’s Marriage Certificate Found in Thrift Shop: The Whole Story

National media picked up this family history story about the 1870’s marriage certificate that was found in the back of a painting in a thrift shop. I’m the one who solved the mystery of this old marriage certificate. In this episode, I’m going to share with you the whole story,Continue Reading

How to Research Passenger Lists

Learn about where to find Passenger Lists for your immigrant ancestors on Ancestry, FamilySearch, the National Archives, Ellis Island Foundation, and more. 📃 There is a HANDOUT for INFO ACCESS level Channel Members. Channel Members can find the handouts in the Community Tab on the YouTube channel. Once you areContinue Reading

Ellis Island Immigrant Records and History

Did your immigrant ancestors come through Ellis Island or maybe you’re not sure?  In this video we’re talking about the immigrant experience, Ellis Island history, how to search the records, and what some of the acronyms, markings, stamps, and notations mean on the immigration records.   Today we’re talking with JackieContinue Reading