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Learn how the chromosome browser at MyHeritage works from the Expert Genealogist, Daniel Horowitz from MyHeritage.  We also are talking about the very cool Auto Cluster tool. ?? Free MyHeritage Family Tree Builder (affiliate) ?? Free DNA Upload (affiliate) ?? Free Trial of MyHeritage Complete Plan: Reading

Genealogy TV

Recently I had a GTV Academy member ask a question about how to organize multiple spouses with multiple kids with multiple names. I have created an Excel spreadsheet to help organize all of those ancestors, their marriages, and children by various spouses, in a timeline with dates and places… toContinue Reading

Genealogy TV

Learn how to build your family tree for free on I’m going to show you how I built a family history tree back to the 1700’s, without spending a dime. No credit card required. No kidding. In this episode, I’ll show you step by step how to create aContinue Reading

If I were starting my genealogy over again today, what and how would I do it.  Here are ten things I would do immediately, when starting my family tree.Continue Reading

Freedmen's Bureau Records on Ancestry

EXTRA EXTRA – NEW TODAY! Ancestry has announced the addition of the Freedmen’s Bureau and Freedman Bank Records available for free!  This is 3.5 million records that is a huge benefit for those researching their African American and poor or indigent white ancestors in the post Civil War era.  TheContinue Reading

Five tips for reading old handwriting in documents: Paleography

Reading old documents certainly can be a challenge. Learn my five tips for reading old documents (a.k.a. Paleography in the US or Palaeography in the UK).  Plus here is a list of several free paleography courses on the web so you can study at your leisure.  Paleography Resources Free CoursesContinue Reading