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  1. I used Story Scout the other day and something came up for my brickwall that seems to be in error. One of items read;
    Ninian Steele, your 2nd great grandfather, worked as a U.S. Postmaster.
    The next screen shows on the handwritten document that Ninian F. Steele was sworn in as postmaster of the Oak Forest,
    North Carolina post office on 1843-09-23. Even though this claimed to be my 2nd great grandfaher, it was another man
    with the same name, living in the same area of Iredell, North Carolina, during the right time frame. The postmaster was
    Ninian Futhy Steele who would be my 3rd cousin 5 times removed. Since this information is supposed to come from DNA,
    how did the people get confused? By the way, Ninian Futhy Steele was married to a Mary Knox.

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